As I’ve now been informed that I will be required to create lessons plans for each of my periods, I thought it would be prudent to share few of my opinons on the subject.

Bryan’s philosophy regarding lesson planning is as follows…based largely on experience and cost-benefit analysis.

A plan is just a list of things that doesn’t happen

Fucking useless lesson plans.

Four more days….just four more days…

8 Responses to Planning

  1. M says:

    I have never seen a numberless calendar ! only this time .

  2. M says:

    Please erase all my Previous comments,I mean all ,Possible right ?,I’m embarassed !

    favor Pleeeaase

  3. Archy the Cockroach says:

    from experience (25+ years and a little more than you ) i have found lesson plans pretty useful if they bring someone in to replace you. but then maybe you are irreplaceable … well, when you can’t remember exactly what you’ve done and whether you covered it all, (which happens to me alot – especially the remembering part) plans are a good way to check up on what you have covered. i’d actually like to see you prepare a lesson on the use of the f word. i sometimes wonder what people say when they are REALLY angry. i mean, the f word is what I keep for the biggies. maybe they just hit things ( like cockroaches)

  4. M says:

    One Thing more Bryan, one thing more .

    -teach me how You purchased Mailer-Daemon for me ,teach me !

  5. Bryan says:

    I had some Aussie friends come into my class last week and just talk to my students. One of them found ‘fuck’ in the dictionary…interesting coversation.

  6. archy the cockroach says:

    a last plea from archy

    cockroaches have tough ears and eyes but i fear some of your readers may not,

    especially those from earlier times when that word wasn’t heard alot

    so please indulge this eldery roach by using a word more civil

    and i won’t bother anymore writing you this kind of drivel 🙂

  7. mel says:

    poor poor archy bry, you know how these ancient creatures are when it comes to change:)
    Maybe you should be a little more…reserved …shall we say for the benefits of tender ears!

    lol…ps did you say happy birthday to your mom?!

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