And I thought there were a lot of people in Victoria…

The population in China, the world’s most populous nation, will officially hit 1.3 billion this week.

The country’s population has been close to 1.3 billion of the world’s more than six billion people and has been rounded up to that figure in recent years.

What is not mentioned is that it is raining men in China. Government population control policies are creating a preference for males, resulting in \ a massive gender gap. Estimates range as high as 41 million forced bachelors. That is a lot of excess testosterone floating around. Enough to even create political instability?

“With every passing year, these surplus males will become more and more an important social factor.” She cites news reports of spikes in drinking, gambling, and violent crime among young men in rural Indian villages.

As their ranks grow, these unmarried young men are likely to be attracted to militant organizations, the authors say. In such an “unstable context,” they write, the conflicts over Taiwan and Kashmir, for example, are unlikely to be permanently settled. What’s more, the governments of Asian nations may cope with the social strains caused by their “bare branches” — a Chinese term for men who cannot find spouses — by turning to militarism and ultranationalism.

The Chinese boys like to drink…and fight. It is not uncommon to see a bunch of guys carrying their incoherent buddy out of bar at 6pm on a Thursday night, or witness a full-blown fight on the street. While the thesis of increased militarism and nationalism linked to marriage is interesting, I would argue that increases in such phenomenon are more closely related to levels of employment, rather than male-female demographics. Despite that, I don’t think we’ll see Aristophanes’ Lysistrata playing out anytime soon in Big Red.

The 1.3 billionth person receives a gift basket and an assortment of ‘turn your skin white’ products.

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