By Bryan • china • 30 Dec 2004

Note to self – Don’t wear khakis when it is raining outside

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  1. M

    Please read Bryan adams blog DEc.9 edition .Who are you ? Sorry cause You’re blog is alittle bit confusing Who

  2. The real Bryan

    “Who are you?”

    If the title of this website failed to clarify that for you, you could try linking over to http://www.bryancrosby.ca/about.htm

    That should provide adequate information.

    After linking over to Bryan Adams blog and reading his Dec. 9th entry, I think the more appropriate question is…who are you?

  3. M

    Well, well I got it .it’s just the qoute about bryan adams that made me so confused and paranoid .

    Because of this could You help me find the real one .

    I tried so many ways to find an e-mail of him through internet e-mail finder but I wasn’t succesful .Who Are Yuo is , I think an insult rather . .but be generous toward me this time

  4. M

    I will never be stalking him anymore .I’m tired of what I’ve done .I just want him to read the blog .That’s all

  5. M

    I believe that I’m the one he’s looking for . you’re soulmate is a duplicate version of yours .Just like him I’m talented too …….

    Please e-mail me so that we could talk further ….

    I Have problems about purchasing my way through to him . I had my passport but I got no money for a tour to U.S, and audition myself .It’s like shaniah twain R.J. lange story .two unbelievable people together , Got it ?

  6. Bryan

    While we share the same first name, Bryan Adams and myself share a different family name, therefore there is no relation.

    I’m sorry but I can’t help you in your quest.

  7. Doug

    Damn B, He found you… and all the way in China… you try to get out of the starlight just for a bit and people go crazy thinking about you.. you should probably at least give the guy an autograph or something for his troubles.

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