English and Forestry

I finally met the big boss today, Laurence Chen. Really interesting and cool fellow too. He just flown in from Santiago, Chile where he was attending the APEC conference. He shook hands with Chinese Premier Hu Jintao and was seated 10 feet away from George W. Bush and Paul Martin.

While we did discuss education matters pretaining to the foundation course we are running, our meeting detoured into a region that I completely took me by surprise. Laurence was quite interested in my forestry background, especially forest technology. After I mentioned the little I know about wood pellet fuel I promptly asked to pull together some information on wood pellet fuel technology and how it may apply to China.

Wood pellet manufacturing isn’t exactly new technology, so I think he was a little disappointed in the results (the search for high technology is king here), yet I think I made a good contact.

…Christmas here was pretty wild…I believe I would have received coal if I had a stocking…

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