2008 Genocides

My god, this has to be one of the most morbid Onion bits I’ve read in awhile…but man…haven’t laughed like that since I watched Dodgeball. The photo itself is worth taking the time to link over there.

According to Nigerian officials, now that their country has secured the bid, the government has much work to do.

“Don’t think we’ll just sit on our hands and wait for a crippling drought to pit neighbor against neighbor,” Nigerian Minister of State Bello Usman said. “No, the next two years will be crucial. We need to default on our $2 billion IMF loan, invest the entire treasury in the overhead-heavy petroleum business, and turn a blind eye to regional guerrilla groups. That’d be a good start. After that, food shipments must fall into rebel hands, armed forces must go unpaid, and the emerging national infrastructure must be allowed to deteriorate.”

Added Usman: “There’s a lot to accomplish, but I promise you this: By early 2008, ashes will blacken the sky and blood will run in the streets.”

Take a risk and read the whole issue, there are some good ones.

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