T Squared

I had a few beers with fellow teacher on Friday night at one of the local bars near my apartment. This guy speaks russian and used to work as a journalist and manager for Reuters in London. A few beers turned into many and we found ourselves on a mission to find another bar. We found this place nearby called TT Bar, which turned out to be an expat bar (ie. frequented by large, balding engineers). I’m not a big fan of expat bars (see one of my previous entries), yet luck was on our side and the massive rainstorm ensured that we were the only patrons in the establishment. For three hours we were fed Tsingtao, oranges, popcorn and fried peanuts and were asked almost every question possible by the manager and waitress. By the end of the night, I was quite drunk and my companion had scored a date with the manager.

Funny China observation #43:

Motorcycle stereos. Every so often I’ll see a nice bike rip down the street, cranking out the tunes. I doubt the driver is able to hear anything.

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