Cookies and English

By Bryan • china, life, nanjing • 13 Dec 2004

What was written the box of cookies I bought today.

Feast is the concept. The purpose is to present the visual perception of the richness and variety of a handsome gift, which consists of product and blessing; to share with friends and family not only delicate taste, but joy and happiness.

…while not bad tasting, I wouldn’t have described the flavour as ‘delicate’.

6 Responses

  1. Bill

    Ummm…cookies :D

  2. Mel

    Did it promote the joy and happiness feelings though, cause then it s\was worth it!

  3. Sue

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow Bryan! Were those your birthday cookies? Hope you have a great day and maybe some real cake. Maybe with an enlightening flavor to it ;)

  4. Fraser & Billiam

    Happy Birthday from Montreal, Holmes!

  5. Barbara

    Happy Birthday Bryan…hope you have a great day!

  6. Vince

    Happy B-Day from …… Hicksville QC.

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