Apparently I support murderers….

This is what I was accused of today for stating that I support ISAF involvement in Afghanistan….don’t worry, I’m just as confused as you probably will be.

I want to see you explain to your grandchildren why you not only stood by and did nothing while innocents were tortured and murdered, but you actually supported it. Shame on you, and may you reap what you sow.

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Why do some people consider it acceptable to support a murderous and expansionist regime, while maintaining that their hands are clean? You can’t have it both ways. If you support it then you’re complicit in institutionalised torture and mass murder of civilians, perversion of international law and the military annexation of sovereign states under nothing more than pretexts. The blood of innocents is on your hands. It’s inescapable. At least have the nuts to take responsibility for your perfidity.

Outside of being one of the most hypocritical statements I’ve ever come across in my life, I am completely at loss at understanding a person who would make an accusation such as that. Their are completely oblivious to their hypocrisy. It is absolutely incredible. I almost feel silly stating that by NOT doing anything, that practising apathy (as my accuser is suggesting) is a far worse crime. I suppose I wrongly assumed that most educated people would realize the dangers of apathy and the obligation of developed nations.

This totally brings back memories from last year at UVic when I came across a booth set up in the Student Union Building protesting Canada’s involvement in rebuilding Afghanistan and demanding the complete withdrawal of Canadian forces. Aside from showing insanely bad taste (one of our boys was killed by a suicide bomber the day before) their mentality was mind-boggling. One may find an argument in stating that US forces are their as an occupying force as they are essentially just hunting down Taliban and terrorist elements, but ISAF has a completely different mission. Essentially, ISAF is the only thing between stability and anarchy in Afghanistan.

This is for those of you interested in what is really going on in Afghanistan.

And lets not forget about the Canadian Army doctor who found this little boy.

Djamshid Popal began his journey home Friday night, five months after the boy arrived in Canada from Afghanistan for emergency heart surgery.

“I’ll miss the whole Canadian public,” Djamshid, who turned 10 during his time in Canada, said through a translator at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

“I came in a wheelchair and I’m leaving on foot. This is because of their help.”

I just don’t understand, and it sucks even more when people elude to the idea that because I support such efforts, I am in turn supporting murder and torture. It bothers me a lot.

5 Responses to Apparently I support murderers….

  1. Mike says:

    Some people are just plain ignorant Bryan.

    I was in Ottawa days after the US invaded Iraq. Even though Canada was not involved, and had stated that we were not going to get involved, protesters had still spray painted anti-war slogans on constructions materials at DND Headquarters. This actually shows ignorance on two levels. First of all, canada had already stated that we weren’t going to war. And secondly, in a democracy, the military has
    almost zero say in whether we go to war or not.

    Another very disturbing incident happened in Kingston around the same time. I friend of mine was walking around in town, in his RMC uniform. Somebody actually called him a baby-killer as he was getting into a cab. This to me, is one of the most ignorant statements I have ever heard in my life, and because my friend was in uniform, he had to just walk away from it.

  2. MIke says:

    Out of curiousity B, who is this guy who said this stuff?

  3. Bryan says:

    This dude at an ESL forum I frequent from time to time…

    I’m actually getting trashed fairly bad on there right now…I think most people believe I’m some sort of right wing facist…

    Thanks for the encouragement though Mike, its’ kind of what I needed.

  4. Mike says:

    Do you mind giving me the link. I wouldn’t mind checking out this site and maybe engaging in some “intelligent” debate.

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