By Bryan • china, nanjing • 1 Dec 2004

Apparently the quality of a haircut is measured in time, not the price. I went for a trim after my last class, which set me back five kuai and ten minutes. Just a simple cut, but a kick ass bargin, in both price and time. One of my collegues couldn’t believe that I had shelled over five kuai for a measely ten minute sessiion with the hairdresser.

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  1. Mel

    So I’m confused…Was it a good deal and a bad cut or is 5 Kuai expensive for a cut that was bad! Don’t worry the mirrors at the gym will show you exactly how bad it was when you decide to go!!

  2. Bryan

    The cut is fine…but then again, I haven’t exactly been known for my cutting edge hairstyles!

  3. Bryan

    Five kuai is insanely cheap…even on a Chinese salary. It’s about 50 cents.

  4. Fraser

    10 mins with the “hair dresser”? Did you get it cut at the “Barber Shop”?


  5. Bryan

    heh heh heh……

  6. b

    my mom says I have a cool haircut…

  7. Bill

    hehe…moms know best!

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