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Last night I attended a Christmas carole sess which some of my FT friends put on for their students. It was long before it was discovered that I was from Canada…and the requests for the Canadian national anthem began to pour in. I haven’t sang the anthem in ages (actually, I haven’t sang in decades…for […]


Posted some more photos this morning. The captions suck, so don’t expect any deep thoughts! I watched Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow last night. I had wanted to see this film for quite awhile and was thoroughly disappointed. The art deco atmosphere was a nice touch (I don’t care what anyone says, art […]

Cookies and English

What was written the box of cookies I bought today. Feast is the concept. The purpose is to present the visual perception of the richness and variety of a handsome gift, which consists of product and blessing; to share with friends and family not only delicate taste, but joy and happiness. …while not bad tasting, […]

One week

Intense frustration with internet combined with utter bewilderment at the mentality, rationality and disrespect people some show to others was a sign that I needed to get away. A week was good, and now I’m back. I also caved in and purchased a mobile phone, and so far it is one of the best purchases […]

Break time

Taking time off from the site…be back in a few.

Dig it? II

The ditch digging is an all night affair in China, but there were about twenty guys on the night crew. I was surprised to see that many guys digging a ditch in the very early morning hours. However, I’m sure they were much more surprised to see a white dude stumbling down the alleyway at […]

Apparently I support murderers….

This is what I was accused of today for stating that I support ISAF involvement in Afghanistan….don’t worry, I’m just as confused as you probably will be. I want to see you explain to your grandchildren why you not only stood by and did nothing while innocents were tortured and murdered, but you actually supported […]

Dig it?

For the past two days the city has been ripping up the street outside of my apartment. I believe they are running a natural gas line into the residential area, but it could be for a number of reasons. The strip hole is being dug by hand, with the assistance of a single jackhammer powered […]

Pierre Berton 1920-2004

Canadian author and historian Pierre Berton died today. Pierre Berton, who died yesterday at age 84 after a long career as an author, newspaper columnist, television and radio commentator may well be best remembered as the writer who made Canadian history fun. Through his bestselling books — The National Dream, The Last Spike, The Dionne […]


Apparently the quality of a haircut is measured in time, not the price. I went for a trim after my last class, which set me back five kuai and ten minutes. Just a simple cut, but a kick ass bargin, in both price and time. One of my collegues couldn’t believe that I had shelled […]

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