Google News, my primary source of well…news…has spiraled down into complete uselessness. Yahoo isn’t much better. Therefore, I am denied a very good news crawler and must resort to individually surfing around various sites for tidbits from the outside world. However, I can get CBC radio, unfortunately my free time doesn’t correspond to their programming and I am relegated to listening to CBC “After-hours”…broadcasting the finest public radio the world has to offer…

Traffic is pretty bad here, and so are the drivers, but for some reason, despite all of this, everything and everyone seems to tolerate one another and I haven’t seen any accidents…until today.

The roads outside my apartment are rather narrow, very alley like. Despite this, a high number of vehicles navigate through on a regular basis. The majority drive slowly and it’s not really a problem…I’m more worried about the bikes.

I was walking to campus in the early afternoon when a black Audi approached from my left side. The driver gave a semi-friendly honk to let me know he was there. I subsequently moved to the left and let him pass. About 50 meters down the road the same vehicle clipped a pedestrian on the right side of the road. This guy got hammered too. The car hit him with the right bumper and spun him into the wall beside the road. He appeared ok and got up right away. The driver hops out with a pack of cigarettes and offers one to everyone around, helps the pedestrian up, some words were exchanged and then the driver go back into his car and drove off. Everyone was extremely cool about it.

As I was walking by (I didn’t stop, no point as I don’t speak the language) I kept thinking to myself “That dude just got creamed by a vehicle! And nobody seemed to be very upset about the whole incident!” If that happened in North America there probably would have been some baseball bats, some fists…some blood…lawyers…lawsuits…

Here’s a question….Why does everyone think I’m religious????

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  1. Sue says:

    Must be that angelic look 🙂

  2. Mel says:

    Or the look of the Devil!

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