I went to a Halloween Party put on by two FT’s for their students at NNU. They had set up a haunted house (ie. Dark room with spaghetti, peeled grapes and spooky music). Anyways, I was appointed, along with another FT, the task of scaring the shit out of groups of unsuspecting Chinese English students. Our performance was quite admirable, but then again, scaring Asian girls isn’t that difficult. The last group didn’t even make it to the grapes or spaghetti.

After the festivities finished up, we figured some beer was in order. I was introduced to The 1969 bar, or the ’69’ as it is known among foreigners. Located just across the street from NNU and down a little alleyway the 69 is a fairly standard basement establishment, although they didn’t seem to mind that two members of our small troupe brought along their own beers. Apparently there is live music, but the stage was empty. Not really a surprise given that it was a Sunday night. There is a pool table, if you can call it that, in the back corner. I’d call it a mini-pool table, with mini pool cues. Beer is cheap, about 10 kuai for a 355 er’ and the tables are imbedded in old tire rims…you know…to add some character.

Each morning I walk to work. I’m usually out the door by 6:30am as it takes about 30mins to get to NNU (I like to have about an hour to chill and pull things together before my first class at 8am). Every second or third day I pass these dudes selling birds on the corner of Shanghai Lu and Beijing Xi Lu. Pet birds, I’m not sure what species they are, but they come in a little bamboo cage equipped with a water bottle and feed bin. I don’t know enough about the Nanjing bird market or when the peak sales hours occur, but I always get a little chuckle out of it as I just can’t see people purchasing pet birds in the early hours of the morning.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Hey Bryan I know this post might be a bit dated now but I think you might enjoy this little game. I needed to put it somewhere that would get read. http://www.skt-products.com/contents/gokidashSpEdition12.swf


  2. Fraser says:

    Man! Thank God the “How to Play” section is so comprehensive!

  3. Bryan says:

    nice soundtrack. Did anyone actually manage to outrun the lizard?

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