Drive-by Debating

I’ve been slacking off with the content lately eh? My students are in the process of selecting their university and their area of study, so as of two days ago I’ve had to climb the learning curve and become an expert on British higher education. I haven’t told them about drive-by-debating yet.

Peter Griffin (Family Guy): Don’t worry, I got it all worked out. We’ll move to England, huh? Worst they got there is, you know, drive-by… arguments…
[Meanwhile, in England.]
Englishman: I say, Jeremy, isn’t that Reginald B. Stifworth, the young upstart chap who’s been touting the merits of a united European commonwealth?
Jeremy: Why yes, I daresay it is.
Englishman: Oh, let’s get him.
[They drive up.]
Englishman: Ohhhhh Reginalddd… I disagree!!
[drives off, screeching tires]

I only have two periods tommorrow. I’m looking forward to some downtime. Oh yeah, I’ve been receiving a massive amount of comment spam lately, so I’ll be closing the comments in posts older than three days.

4 Responses to Drive-by Debating

  1. Mel says:

    hey B,
    so which universities did you endorse…
    Mr professional…
    Ahhh…..The Family Guy
    Luv ya

  2. Rylan says:

    Im tired

  3. Bryan says:

    heh heh heh,

    We have agreements with two schools in the UK (UWIC..Cardiff) and U of Sunderland…and Coquitlam College in Vancouver. Education in the UK is a bit different than Canada…from what I’ve seen, there is a large emphasis placed on studies that can get you a job. There still are the traditional Brit Ivy leaguers (Oxbridge, Edinburgh, St. Andrews etc) with there traditional academic/theoretical university departments. The UK schools we have agreements with are good institutions, but I wouldn’t call them Universities (like UVic, or UBC)…the nearest equivilant in Canada would be University-Colleges. They have a fair number of applied courses (design, electronics, construction) but also grant degrees in some core subjects (English, History, Psychology and Business/Commerce/Accounting). Coquitlam College is a private school, mainly concerned with preparing Int. students for their 3rd and 4th years at a Canadian university.

    I’m not involved with the enrollment, but my face is required at the meetings. My biggest role in this sense is acting as a answer valve for my students. They all want to go to know the top schools and the top schools for such and such area of study..etc. Where should I go? What should I study? Of course, I have no idea. Reality is, they can only go to a select number of schools (the politics of international education…), but they all believe they can go anywhere they want, and they all want to go to the top schools. Remember applying when you were that age? Ranking was all that mattered. Nothing else…There are a few other factors involved (ie. Chinese exams) but I can’t really get into that on a public forum.

    R-squared, I’m tired too.

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