My plan for tonight was to post about my expedition over to Anhui, but as it turns out a representative from Sunderland University (UK) arrived today on a recruiting mission and the entire department was required for entertainment. I love Chinese dinners. The amount of food is absolutely ridiculous…it just keeps coming…as does the beer. Luckily enough, nobody broke out the baijiu so
I’m only moderately flushed right now. Anyways, I’m currently compiling a album of Anhui photographs (I have about 124). I hope to have it up on the weekend.

Not that it really matters or anything, but I’ve decided to be an armchair American tonight and publicly endorse John Kerry….

3 Responses to Baijiu

  1. Fraser says:

    The Empire of Hart today chastized Prime Minister Crosby for being a ‘flip-flopper’. “Clearly he (Prime Minister Crosby) was pursuing aggressive unilateral policies in the War on Insects”, lamented President Hart, “Now all of a sudden he’s endorsing a Democrat in the U.S. elections??! What a flip flopper!” adding also “…he should apply at IHOP” and “…must be nice to have more faces than Michael Jackson”

  2. Steve says:

    yo cous.

    just a hiya, letcha know things are good here.

    Your brother is running for mayor of Kamloops.

    Thats it. im not much of a talker



  3. Bryan says:

    Flip-flopper….that sounds like insect talk to me….

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