Dumb things I do

I have a bad habit of leaning back on my chairs and about one minute ago I leaned back a bit to far…the chair is on wheels, so it shot me back and I smoked my head on the desk behind mine. Luckily no one was around…

The freakin’ internet hasn’t been working all day. All I can access is my site and one or two other URLs…so I’ve been wasting away in my office since noon hoping for an opening. I’ve got fours hours of class tommorrow and have absoulutely nothing.

I few days ago I bought an clothes iron. I just want something cheap, so I head down to the venerable Sugou, which for a food store, has a surprisingly large selection of clothing irons. I found the cheapest one, picked it up and headed for the till. So I’m waiting in line, and this Sugou employee comes racing up to me, pointing at the iron then pointing back at the shelf, waving her arms and gesturing me to follow her. It would appear that I can’t get away with even the simplest things without looking like a dumb foreigner. Turns out I hadn’t put it in the box, but I really don’t want the box…I just want pressed clothes. So I cleared that up and went back to the till. About a minute later the same woman came back with different iron and began to make what appeared to be a sales pitch, stenuously pointed out that this was a Panasonic iron, and therefore far superior to my selection. I didn’t know what the price was, but I am sure is was significantly higher that what I was paying for big blue. I just clutched my iron like it was the last thing I owned in the world, shook my head about a dozen times and managed to blurt out a few bu dui’s (no).

I have confidence in my purchase, but I’m sure she knew something that I didn’t and I’m waiting for that day that this little dude explodes in my hand.

2 Responses to Dumb things I do

  1. Fraser says:

    If it did explode, you might say the whole episode was a little….IRONic. HA!

    Get it?

  2. Bryan says:


    That was a very explosive comment Fras….

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