Missle Defense

I know I’m deviating from my recent Chinese theme, but I want to throw in my two bits on some Canadian issues.

Parliament is set to vote on involvement in the American fronted missile defense project, and it looks like it is going to pass.

“The government agreed Monday to hold a Commons vote on whether Canada should be involved in the controversial missile-shield program and it looks sure to pass.”

This was a BIG issue during this summer’s election and one of the main reasons why I wasn’t a big fan of Jack Layton’s NDP. They fundamentally opposed joining the program under the basis that it represents the weaponization of space. They are right, in joining such a program Canada becomes party to placing weapons into space. From an ethical perspective, I totally agree with them. I don’t want to see any weapons in space, yet from a common-sense perspective, it is the NDP who were out in space. I perceive common-sense as the highest attribute of a politician. If you don’t have it, out of office. Sadly, 99% don’t have it.

Development of a combined space/land based missile defense network began in the 1983 under the Regean Administration. Known as the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) or more commonly known as ‘Star Wars’ the project was seen by many to be impractical science fiction fantasy that was unrealistic and exceedingly expensive. Between 1984 and 1994, over 30 billion dollars were sunk into the technology. Although there were many advances in ballistics, lasers and tracking technologies, the system never really worked.

The program was never scrapped by the Clinton government, it just merely changed names. In 2001, the program regained momentum under Dubya and has since been renamed as the National Missile Defense, concentrating on ground-based interceptors instead of space kinetic/laser kill vehicles.

The point of this is, is that the United States is going to go ahead with their missile program, with or without Canada…it really doesn’t matter. They have invested 20 years worth of research and tens of billions of dollars and don’t give a rat’s ass about or sovereignty. If they want to launch missiles over Canada, they will.

It is in the best interest of Canada to sign on to this project. We can muddle around about ethics and taking the moral high stance in the name of world peace. We can also go outside and dance in the flowers and get high. It would be about as productive. Or we could use our heads in a rational manner. The United States is not asking for any money or research expertise, instead they are offering money and a voice in the decision making process. Through cooperation, we are given a say in what happen over our airspace. Fuck ethics, if the United States is going to launch a missile test over my home, I want to know about it.

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