Electric stairs and noodles

I discovered today that the madness commonly associated with walking down a Chinese sidewalk/speedway can also be applied to Chinese grocery stores. I went shopping yesterday for food (I’ve pretty much had it with the cafeteria) and other assorted essentials at the local Sugou. It is interesting to note that this particular grocery store is located on the second floor of the building, and access requires the use of an escalator, or ‘electric stairs’ as they are known here.

Apparently the main entrance is also the receiving dock and my visit happened to coincide nicely with a massive delivery of stock. Picture a human chain moving up from the five ton truck up the ‘electric stairs’ into the already incredibly crowded and overstocked store. While the unloading was a very well coordinated operation, the actually shelf stocking was insane. Since there isn’t a receiving warehouse, the stock is just stacked in the isle, requiring creative manuevering on the part of the customer. The roof is also quite low, creating a very cave like feel to the whole place.

The aesthetics aside, I found I could pretty much get anything I wanted there. They have a rather large liquor section in which I am able to buy beer by the can really cheaply (if only I had a refigerator…). I stocked up on noodles, soup and other easy meals. I currently only have a hot plate and one pot, so my options are limited. I bought some bread as well, but there is this cool looking bakery a bit farther down the street which I’m going to pay a visit later this week.

I’ve had a number of requests to post some pictures. Well, I have taken a number, but frankly, the are all terrible. The strange light situation here (overcast all the time) doesn’t exactly favor photography. Furthermore, if you saw the shot I took of the Nanjing skyline…well, you would probably be wondering what the hell I am doing living in this city.

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