Hello Laowai!

By Bryan • china, nanjing • 15 Oct 2004

Got my first one today. Taking a taxi back from the Travel Hospital (by myself…hey!…it is a big deal when your entire Mandarin vocabulary consists of ni hao and xie-xie) when a Santana (volkswagon) full of 20 somethings pulled up beside us. “Hello Laowai! Hello!!”. Complete with waving.

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  1. Fraser

    In totally unrelated news, you should check out the main article of the Onion this week. Hilarious!

  2. Bryan

    “A war against Dick Cheney would be a long, hard struggle,” Bush said. “It would be a difficult battle against a shadowy nemesis who is able to hide among us, loves only death and destruction, and hates our freedom. I have the experience, the leadership, and the Republican nomination required to protect us all—myself and my family included—from Dick Cheney.”


    oh man…haven’t laughed like that in ahwhile.

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