Security Guards

The Nanshan Hotel is the international area of campus, and as such is crawling with security personnal. Every entrance has a security booth, complete with a guard all dressed up in his pseudo military uniform. I seriously feel sorry for these dudes. They just sit there. Occasionally I might see one chattin’ in up with the girls at the front desk, or sleeping in the lobby. One of them ‘guards’ the entrance to the cafeteria. Apparently they know everything about me though. One of my students tracked down my apartment the other day by asking the guard at the front gate.

There are gates everywhere as well. For instance, I live practically next door to my office…it is about a one minute walk away. However, if I don’t make the 7pm lockdown, I have to take tan exceedling long, fussy and inefficient route back to my flat. Takes about 5 minutes. Maybe I’m just lazy.

2 Responses to Security Guards

  1. Chinese Military Guard says:

    Careful Bryan. We’re watching you.

  2. King Bryan says:

    They now have a sample of my blood.

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