I find myself back over in Vancouver for the remainder of my stay in Canada. I had a box (a combination backlash against cool, deck and all of those other words) weekend over in Victoria. One of the best I’ve had in along time. More dancing than I could shake a leg at. Drinking beer at Pizza Hut…yeah, I never would have figured either. Speakers corner. Ice cube fights. Spending money at the Gap…I’ve never bought anything there before, and general all around good times with the old roomates and Sun Peaks ladies. Quite sad to leave, but I’ll be back.

What probably would have been a standard mediocre ferry ride, consisting of ferry food, ferry noise and ferry boredom, turned into a lively conversation about organic food, genetically modified things, nutrition, and good ole’ environmental pulp when I ran into an old classmate from high school. The funny thing was this was not the first time I have run into her on the ferry. I think my life consists of random encounters with people I know from my past.

3 Responses to Box

  1. Mom says:

    hi bry

    sounds like a good time on the weekend. who was it that you ran into?? call before you leave – maybe Thurs nite?? Do you have he truck keys???????


  2. Jeremy says:

    Hey Bryan

    You are welcome back anytime, and this weekend was definately box. So yeah, when are you expected back I think I forgot to ask that. Anyways good to see you actually updated your site. Hopefully there will be many more posts once you are in China along with some pictures since you have that new Camera of yours. So if I ever plan on coming to China while you are there, doubt it but you never know, I will make sure to stay with you.


  3. Bryan says:

    Contract is 10 months in Big Red. Maybe a bit longer as my Visa is apparently good for 12. But 10 for sure…well 9, since I missed September.

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