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Work Hard, Play Hard

Taking the weekend off, back on Sunday night, or Monday. Have a good Halloween…I’m going as a white person.

Star Trek Test

K, this Myers-Briggs test is for the geeks…. My results. Myers-Briggs would say that you are an INTP (Introvert, Intuitive, Thinker, Perceiver). In Star Trek language, you share a basic personality configuration with Worf. People like you are generally quiet until you have something important to say. You are extremely independent and fiercely private. You’re […]


I am leaving tommorrow for Anhui province on a 3 day expedition with the other FT’s. I can’t remember exactly where in Anhui I am going, but it being paid for by NNU, which is alright by me. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I was surfing around the various CCTV channels last night […]

Declaration of War

I encountered my very first cockroach, and this wasn’t any ordinary roach…this fellow was a freakin’ M1A1 battle tank. Press Release In an emergency all-night parliamentary meeting, the government of the Republic of Bryan voted unanimously to ignore the UN Rules Governing the Conduct of War and Armed Conflict and pursue a policy of genocide. […]

Musical Muse

I was introduced to this song this summer driving around the endless logging roads of Northern B.C. hunting for clearcuts. And The Band Played Waltzing Mathilda – The Pogues When I was a young man, I carried my pack, and I lived the free live of the rover. From the muddy green basin to the […]


I made a mistake, I had six hours of class today, not four. Six is pushing my comfort level, especially when two periods are after 6:30pm. Good news is, I won’t be enlisted for any additional lessons, and I’m not expected to appear at any English corners. In between periods I registered with the local […]

Dumb things I do

I have a bad habit of leaning back on my chairs and about one minute ago I leaned back a bit to far…the chair is on wheels, so it shot me back and I smoked my head on the desk behind mine. Luckily no one was around… The freakin’ internet hasn’t been working all day. […]

“Free drinks for foreigners”

“What?” Yeah, but I’ll get to that later. Two weeks of teaching now under my belt, well three if you count the one week practicum I had way back in May. I am noticing that the preparation is becoming easier. I had to play catch up for the previous two weeks. Oral IELTS is my […]

Red Green

China has not signed on to Kyoto, yet they still appear to be taking their own measures to reduce their emissions. However, this is largely the result of necessity and economic desire, rather than by moral obligation (which seem to be the main reason for reducing GHG’s in Canada). “Li was quoted as saying China’s […]


I haven’t quite figured out the pricing system in China. Western food and products are, not surprisingly, more expensive. Items such as jam, peanut butter, coffee and western brands usually sell for a little less than their western price. For instance, I paid about 23 kuai for a small (250ml) jar of Maxwell house coffee. […]


I know this topic has been beat to death, but I love this guy. “When democracies fight terrorism, they are defending the proposition that their political life should be free of violence. But defeating terror requires violence. It may also require coercion, secrecy, deception, even violation of rights. How can democracies resort to these means […]

“I’m not going to be you’re monkey”

John Stewert holds his own against bow-tied Tony Danza hair conservative mutants. “You guys are on CNN! The show leading into me is puppets making prank phone calls. What is wrong with you?!?” I would love to see him take down Bill O’Reilly on the…ahem….”Fair and Balanced” FOX News network…that we all know and love […]


After surfing around the thirty five or so channels I receive in my room, I’ve learned the following… 1. Oil of Olay has cornered the ‘turn your skin white’ market in China. 2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have found a new home. 3. “Mr. Sparkle detergent” style advertisments are not found just in Japan. 4. […]

Electric stairs and noodles

I discovered today that the madness commonly associated with walking down a Chinese sidewalk/speedway can also be applied to Chinese grocery stores. I went shopping yesterday for food (I’ve pretty much had it with the cafeteria) and other assorted essentials at the local Sugou. It is interesting to note that this particular grocery store is […]

Missle Defense

I know I’m deviating from my recent Chinese theme, but I want to throw in my two bits on some Canadian issues. Parliament is set to vote on involvement in the American fronted missile defense project, and it looks like it is going to pass. “The government agreed Monday to hold a Commons vote on […]

The Chinese Los Alamos

40 years ago yesterday, China became the world’s fifth nuclear power. When China shocked the world with the appearance of a mushroom cloud over the Lop Nur salt lake on Oct. 16, 1964 — 40 years ago yesterday — it was the fruit of arduous work at “Nuclear City” in northwestern Qinghai Province. I wonder […]

The Blue Sky

Last night, Annie took me down to Hunan Road which, I am told, is the ‘place’ to be on weekend nights. Somewhere, I don’t know exactly (despite being a geography grad and surveyor) along Hunan Road is this massive pedestrian boulevard. This storefront and building lights here are incredible. That, coupled with the sheer number […]

Uh Oh

The 80’s are back…with a vengeance, We are all doomed.

Hello Laowai!

Got my first one today. Taking a taxi back from the Travel Hospital (by myself…hey!…it is a big deal when your entire Mandarin vocabulary consists of ni hao and xie-xie) when a Santana (volkswagon) full of 20 somethings pulled up beside us. “Hello Laowai! Hello!!”. Complete with waving.

Security Guards

The Nanshan Hotel is the international area of campus, and as such is crawling with security personnal. Every entrance has a security booth, complete with a guard all dressed up in his pseudo military uniform. I seriously feel sorry for these dudes. They just sit there. Occasionally I might see one chattin’ in up with […]


Some of the Chinglish around my buiding… In the elevator: Do not sport about and kick the door In the Cafeteria: Refuse Narcotics!

Big Red

Ah man…where to start….so much to say, every minute I see, hear, smell, touch or taste something cool and worthy of a post. I honestly don’t have the time. I wish I did. The beginning, I guess. I flew out of Vancouver Friday afternoon (Oct. 9th) via Air China, bound for Beijing. I was very […]

Urban Navigator

Big downtown Vancouver adventure today. Well, not really. There are a few people (you know who you are…) who claim that I cannot navigate the urban landscape. I held my own quite admirably. Picked up my plane ticket and then exchanged a hefty amount of loonies for Maobacks. Never have handled that much real live […]

The Alamo

I finally got around to seeing the Alamo. I missed it during it’s run in the theaters and have been waiting rather intently for the DVD debut. I’ve seen several other movie versions of this famous battle and was naturally curious about the tempo and nature of the latest rendition. The film was alright…although I […]

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